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Lines we love

Tweets to woo


Tweets to woo

Working with us

Our CPD philosophy

We invest wholeheartedly into the training
and development of exceptional staff talent.
Our whole team — from writers and designers
to account handlers — record well over 35
hours yearly against their IPA continual
professional development (CPD).

We equip our people with impressive practical
and creative skills.

Some of the topics available in our in-house
training include:

  • Creative thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Writing in Plain English
  • Putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes
  • The laws of layout

For Wordbird insight: read our blog.

Why Wordbird?

  • Generous budget for CPD and training
  • A culture of openness
  • Competitive salary
  • Private Healthcare and benefits
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Monthly back and shoulder massage
  • PAGB and IPA membership

At Wordbird, we believe everyone is creative.
Our ‘creative wellbeing’ fund gives us the opportunity for creative inspiration outside of
work — think galleries, exhibitions, books.

We’re hiring

The Academy

We are committed to finding and training a new generation of healthcare copywriters.

Our training Academy for writers recruits the best life science graduates and provides a comprehensive training opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming the 2017 Academy cohort.
If you would like to be considered please contact us, if you have:

  • A top-notch life science degree
  • Creative flair
  • Fabulous attention to detail
  • Plenty of old-fashioned gumption
Join the Wordbird Academy
Working with us

Who else do we do it for

Who else do we do it for
Wordbird IPA

What our professional memberships mean to you

Wordbird PAGB

As an communications agency with health at the heart of our business, we pride
ourselves in our professional membership at both the Proprietary Association of
Great Britain (PAGB) and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

  • When you choose an agency that’s part of the IPA, you choose a team with
    professional competence in advertising communications. We benefit from our
    membership, and so do you.
  • When you choose an agency with associate membership in the PAGB, you’re making
    sure that we keep up with the experts.
Professional memberships


Download our Write from Wrong checklist.

Download our ever-popular Write from Wrong
checklist. We all have one next to our desks.

Ask your writer


  • Have they had direct PMCPA/PAGB training?
  • Do they have a life science degree (or equivalent)?
  • Do they write from references, marking up from draft one?
  • What’s their technique for getting up the learning curve
    swiftly on your brand?
  • What writing training have they had and what is their ongoing CPD?
  • What techniques or tools do they use to ensure readability?
  • Can you speak to them directly – or do you need to go via a project manager
    or account handler?
  • Have they earned any IPA qualifications?

Our writers are not the ‘back office’. They are the beating heart and soul of what we do.
They are on the front line, ready to take responsibility and work with you to make
your story simple, but brilliant.

Contact us

0207 622 5236
Battersea Studios 80-82 Silverthorne Road, London, SW8 3HE

If you are visiting by public transport we are near two National Rail stations: Queenstown Road and Battersea Park.

Battersea Park station: Leave the station and cross the road at the lights opposite the exit. At the other side follow the road under the bridge. Keep walking until you reach the corner shop and turn left onto Queenstown Road. Follow the winding road past
Queenstown Road station until you reach Silverthorne Road by the Victoria pub. Turn left and keep walking until you reach the second road on the left and see the Battersea Studios sign. The lovely people at reception will let us know you are here.

Eventually, we’ll be on the London Underground map, but until our Northern Line spur is built, you’ll need to travel above ground. If you are coming by car and need to park please let us know.


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